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What’s one of the more ancient beer styles you can think of? Chances are, it’s not as old as a traditional Finnish beer.. Sahti! Sahti is one of the older styles of beer that is still being brewed (even┬ácommercially). It’s actually doing quite well for how old it is, being brewed at home across Finland, [...]

Given the rise of Black IPA’s (or whatever your preferred name is) popularity, we decided it was time to brew one ourselves. Those who read our previous post on Black IPAs can get a pretty good sense of what we like in a Black IPA. There are a lot of interesting takes on the style [...]

Soft Pretzels

February 25th, 2011

Beer is awesome by itself, but it’s equally good with food. Now, this isn’t a post delving into specific pairing or anything nearly that complex, but instead to express love for what is perhaps beer’s greatest friend. The pretzel. Okay, maybe that was obvious. Salty snacks tend to pair so well with a lot of [...]

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